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Franchise Frisor Barbershop


Start your own franchise business and get profit from $2,000 per month!

Frisor - this is the largest network of barbershops in Ukraine, which each of you can become a part of.


Winners of the award Choice of Ukraine 2018, 2019, 2020

41 salon

38 in Ukraine 3 in Poland, Austria, Georgia

23 000+

Clients per month come to our salon

90 000 000 uah

Annual turnover
our network

What is the peculiarity of barbershops as a profitable business

Today, the culture of men's salons is developing throughout Ukraine. After all, this is the place where guests can experience an unusual culture, friendliness and a special approach to the process of cutting and beard trimming.

  • 98% men after the first haircut return to the barbershop;
  • 73% customers become regular visitors
  • 47% - increase in market size every year
  • 3 500 uah on average spends one regular customer for the whole year
  • 40 000 an average person is covered by one barbershop
  • 58% barbershop markets are occupied by well-known chains
  • 190 barbershops operate in Ukraine, of which 80 are in Kyiv

This confirms that the barbershop market in Ukraine and the world is only growing, and the demand for barber services will only increase due to the popularization of this culture and the high quality of the services provided.

Frisor Ukraine Franchise Map

How the Frisor barbershop network developed

The international network Frisor annually increases its turnover many times over by attracting new visitors and opening new barbershops. In 2015, the turnover of a small network was only one million hryvnia, and a year later it had already grown to 13 million.

Turnover and revenue growth continued steadily between 2017 and 2021. Today this figure exceeds 120 million hryvnia. But this is far from the limit!

Do you want to know what is the secret of success? Sign up for an excursion to one of the salons to learn about the work of the business from the inside.

Expected growth
in 2021

120 000 000 uah

Sign up for a guided visit to one of the Frisor barbershops to see how it works


Frisor - this is not just a well-known brand of barbershops. It is also its own culture, values and friendly team. Franchisees become friends who share the values of the company.

Fair investment conditions

Evaluate the favorable and transparent conditions of franchising cooperation:

● Royalty 5% (only from the 4th month);
● Starting budget from $25,000;
● Net profit per month from $2000;
● Payback up to 1.5 years;
● Opening period from 2 months.

Special offer

Attention! For franchisees in Zhytomyr and Chernivtsi, there is now a special offer: the partner fee has been reduced! Do not miss the opportunity to become the owner of a promising and successful business in your city!


Choose the right rate forpartnership fee, and we will create comfortable conditions for the work of your salon.

Frisor Barbershop Logo
Frisor Mando
Frisor Star
Frisor Destro
*** ***


Personal manager

Analysis of your local market by a management company

Assistance in choosing a room

List of purchases and contacts of suppliers

Salon design

Negotiations with the landlord

Hire a repair contractor. Repair Supervision


Assistance in the search for masters and administrators

Interviews with employees

Training and certification of masters by our TOP barbers

Administrator training, consultations from experienced administrators

HR manager for recruitment

Hiring a salon manager

Accounting, consulting

Customer Service

CRM system

3 months of paid SMS notifications for clients

Application (mobile) for salon management

Initial CRM setup


3 paid months of work of marketers

3 paid months of work of the Content and SMM department

3 months managing advertising campaign in Google Ads

3 months Facebook ad campaign management

3 months managing an advertising campaign on Instagram

3 months free use of Radio Frisor

Free events with bloggers and opinion leaders


Personal page for the salon

Adding your salon to the Frisor mobile app

Creation of business pages in social networks

Access to Frisor media content archive

Promotional materials (print and digital)

Brand package (stickers, badges, patches, business cards, certificates)

3 months video control

Evaluate the high level of service and manufacturability

Barbershop on your phone

The international network of barbershops Frisor always strives to be the most technologically advanced. Therefore, you can observe some of the “chips” presented only in the salons of this brand. For example, your own mobile application with an audience of more than 12,000 people. This application allows users to sign up for services directly from their mobile device by selecting the desired or nearest network salon.

Our site is in the TOP for the most popular and competitive queries, with more than 75,000 monthly visits.

The team also pays a lot of attention to the development of the site and application, making them available for the following languages:

Франшиза барбершоп Европа, Америка Франшиза барбершоп Украина Франшиза барбершоп Польша Франшиза барбершоп Россия Франшиза барбершоп Германия Франшиза барбершоп Грузия Франшиза барбершоп Турция
frisor in phone

Our advantages

Frisor Crossed


The Frisor network has been operating in Ukraine for more than 7 years, which allowed us to develop the most successful strategy for work and development in any socio-economic situation.

Frisor Medal


Frisor professional barber training school is the best in Ukraine. Behind this are leading master teachers, as well as a high-quality material base.

Frisor Thumbsup


Accompanying and advising a partner throughout the life cycle of a barbershop. Discounts on the supply of cosmetics and equipment

Frisor Mando


The development of the network is accompanied by complex marketing involving popular bloggers, as well as using effective tools to increase awareness.

Frisor Crossed


Working methods of management, introduction of relevant tools for development

Frisor Future

Hi-tech in business

We keep up with the times, using modern technologies

Salon opening stages

etap 1

Fill out a franchise application

etap 2

Negotiate with a company representative and receive financial analysis data for the region

etap 3

Sign a franchise agreement

etap 4

Assistance in the selection of premises

etap 5

Obtaining a design project of the salon, consultations on carrying out repair work in a previously approved room

etap 6

Connecting a CRM system, adding information about a new branch to the site, setting up social media accounts

etap 7

Launching a marketing company and promoting a new branch

etap 8

Working with future staff: assistance in recruitment and training

etap 9

Launching a branch with the involvement of influencers!

TOP cities not redeemed for a franchise

What do you get by buying a FRISOR franchise


Operational support

After acquiring a franchise package, the Frisor team provides ongoing support in operations, marketing, as well as staff training and staff development.


Closed club

In addition, all partners get into a closed club where other owners of franchised salons share their experience and knowledge with the support of Frisor managers.


Collaboration with partners

The franchising service also includes constant collaboration with brand partners. These brands provide free products to all branches of the network.


Introduction of new technologies

Online payment for services in a mobile application, an appointment with the master through bots in messengers, integration of the store into the application, etc.

FRISOR partner requirements

It is important to understand that Frisor partners will have to comply with the network's standards, so the team puts forward several basic requirements for future franchisees:

  1. Support of brand values.
  2. Trust in the professionals of the company.
  3. Openness to active work.

Do you think you meet these requirements?

Send a request right now to discuss the details with the manager and become part of the friendly team of the Frisor barbershop

What our partners say

Vadym Sobko


Number of salons in the city: 1

Frisor - it's a big family, it's a private club. Don't be afraid to take steps and step out of your comfort zone. There are people here who will always support and help..

Volodymyr Romanyshyn


Number of salons in the city: 3

The franchise covers all issues related to construction, procurement of materials, organization of personnel work, and advertising. Now we are market leaders in Odessa and have already opened 4 branches.

Interview for Youtube channel "Igor Braga"


Number of salons in the city:9

Founder of the network Dmitry Verkhovetsky will tell you how to open a cool business and gain leadership in the barbershop market.

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