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Frisor Barbershop App

Frisor team

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Frisor Barbershop App

Frisor team

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History of men's haircuts

Even before the appearance of jackets and brilliantine, shears and trimmers, haircuts have always played an important role in the daily lives of men. Manly grooming traditions came a long way from the higgledy-piggledy sharp seashell shaving to the Canadian cut, Pompadour, Buzz cut, Quiff and a couple more hairstyles that have become modern-day classics.
Each era was famous for its own unique style and fashion: from the importance of practicality to the value of aesthetics, from long hair and light stubbles to short haircuts and heavy beards. With the appearance of the first scissors and straight razors came the aristocratic habit for men to cut their hair with an optimal frontal length. This allows conveniently upsweeping the hair to the back of the head, giving the possibility to style the hairdo differently each day depending on the mood.

If one is to delve into the history of men's hairstyles, a long lasting discussion about how it was impacted by culture is likely to arise. For instance, the age of puffy wigs and luxuriant hairstyles gave way to French barbers and the immediate necessity to have one delivered straight from Paris. Later, capitalism with its invisible hand forged the art of hairdressing into the form of more convenient haircuts for when people became accustomed to the steamy hustle and bustle. And only starting with the 40’s of the XX century, when the first barbershops and salons opened their doors, haircuts were seen as something of great importance and value. Aesthetics and traditions were developing and the experiences of different cultures of the world served as an inspiration. When The Beatles marked the 60’s with their popularity, going from here men started growing long hair and rebelling out and hairstyles became more iconic than ever before.
Frisor blends the classical with tradition, represents style and self-expression and reveals how the passion for details and precision show the values of the hairdressing art. This lies at the heart of our work. We want to share the true story of each hairstyle and have you acquainted with the details and peculiarities of those considered to be classic cuts.

Контакты | Барбершопы в Киеве

Время работы парикмахерской:
Ежедневно 10:00 - 21:00

Многоканальный номер:
067 33 222 33

ул. Пушкинская, 9б
096 688 06 97

ул. Саксаганского, 27
098 120 80 32

ул. Льва Толстого, 23/1
067 355 75 01

ул. Бассейная, 9
‎099 799 36 52‬

Днепровская набережная, 19
‎‎097 067 7595‬

бул. Дружбы Народов, 18/7
068 331 87 65

ул. Дмитрия Луценко, 10
‎095 285 56 66

ул. Сечевых Стрельцов, 60
‎095 275 56 66

ул. Ярославов Вал, 28/31
097 13 90 777

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