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Among the great variety of haircuts for men, Caesar can hardly be called bright and eye-catching. This hairstyle is not characterized by any extravagant features or leading positions in the list of popular haircuts, but the demand for it remains stable. Caesar’s haircut captivates the stronger sex with its practicality, brevity and severity.

Historical statements about men’s haircut Caesar

According to historical data, this hairstyle was invented specifically for the ancient Roman statesman, pontiff and emperor Julius Caesar. The great commander very early began to lose his thick hair, and the bald patches did not look very attractive on the dictator’s head. Although then the profession of a stylist did not yet exist, personalities close to Guy Julius Caesar invented a haircut that successfully managed to hide the thinning curls. The emperor is known all over the world as a reasonable, strict and competent person, therefore the same characteristics are often attributed to the owners of a male haircut named after the great commander.

At the peak of its popularity, Caesar hairstyle was at the end of the twentieth century. The demand for haircuts has grown significantly thanks to George Clooney, who played the role of Doug Ross in the cult American TV series Emergency Room. The actor’s hair had already started to turn gray, so many men began to imitate his style with natural and stylish looking whitened strands.

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How Caesar hairstyle differs from other haircuts

Caesar is a short hairstyle with bangs, the main distinguishing feature of which is the cutting of hair at the crown, temples and back of the head at the same level. This technique gives the haircut a neat and well-groomed appearance, even if a man is characterized by a naughty head of hair.

Some masters recommend growing a length of up to 5 cm to create this haircut, but this parameter is variable and is determined by what result you expect to get. As a rule, the length of the curls is at least 2.5 cm.

Classic bangs for this hairstyle form a characteristic semicircle or an even straight line. In some cases, the edging of the temporal region resembles a geometric figure, since it must be absolutely even and clear.

Caesar haircut: the main types of hairstyles

There is a classic version and various geometric types of Caesar haircuts. For the classics, the length of the head of hair is from 3 to 5 cm, while all the transitions should not be sharp and stand out. This type of hairstyle is preferred by businessmen: it goes well with a classic suit and harmoniously complements the image of a businessman.

The version with sharp transitions looks best on young people. This type of Caesar is characterized by a short-cropped temporo-occipital region. Often the image is complemented by geometric patterns. A combination of Caesar and Fade is also acceptable.

Among other things, the type of Caesar hairstyle is determined by the styling method. The classic version is preferred by representatives of the stronger middle-aged sex, since styling your hair is not at all difficult: you can only use a comb to get perfectly even contours. Young people prefer experiments: often the formation of an image involves styling curls upward using a hair dryer and various cosmetics such as foams, gels, stylers and varnishes. The main advantage of the hairstyle is its practicality, versatility and convenience because the strands do not block the view. 

Caesar: the benefits of a haircut

The main reasons why men still prefer this haircut include:

  • Simplicity and conciseness. Styling can be done easily at home without spending a lot of time.      
  • Restraint and aesthetics.      
  • Ability to effectively eliminate disadvantages and highlight advantages. For example, through this haircut, you can correct the irregular shape of the forehead.      

It should be noted that Caesar is not suitable for every man. People with unruly, wavy and curly hair should refuse a haircut. Otherwise, the contours of the hairstyle will be blurred, and the desired shape will not be preserved. It is also not recommended doing a hairstyle for those with a round face shape, as even bangs will visually expand the face.

Who is the Caesar hairstyle for?

It is rather difficult to call this haircut universal, since the result is largely determined by the shape of the face:

  • Diamond. The shape is harmonizing with the Caesar hairstyle, as straight bangs effectively compensate for the width of the cheekbones and cheeks.      
  • Oval. It is considered an ideal that absolutely all haircuts are suitable for.      
  • Square. Absolutely straight bangs focus on the angularity of this face shape, which only emphasizes masculinity and brutality.      
  • Triangle. Volume creates balance with the lower jaw.      

It is also recommended choosing this hairstyle for men who are beginning to have gray hair or bald patches. Caesar can effectively mask these imperfections. Refuse from haircuts should be representatives of the stronger sex with a round and elongated face shape, irregular head proportions, hard and wavy curls. To find the perfect Caesar, contact a professional barbershop Frisor, who will appreciate the shape of the face and the structure of the hair. The master will conduct a qualified consultation and help you choose the most suitable haircut option.


Who is the Caesar haircut for?

Caesar will be the best choice for men with gray hair and bald patches. She will help hide these flaws.

Who shouldn’t get a Caesar haircut?

If you are the owner of a round or elongated face, coarse or wavy hair, it is better to refuse the Caesar hairstyle.

How to style Caesar’s hairstyle?

The haircut is easy to style. Just use a comb, and for a more effective look – style your hair with styling products.

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