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In the modern world, men devote quite a lot of time to their appearance: grooming and neatness is a kind of marker of high status and respectability. Although today you can see many stylish and attractive haircuts, not all of them are practical and comfortable. The Canadian can be called quite unpretentious and graceful.

The Canadian hairstyle became famous and popular in the second half of the twentieth century. This haircut is highly regarded by men of all ages for its versatility and attractive appearance. The Canadian fits perfectly any face shape, emphasizes all the advantages and successfully hides the flaws. The structure of the hair is also not essential: in any case, the styling will look great both on holiday evenings and in business negotiations.

Men’s haircut of Canadian: the story of appearance

Initially, the haircut was called “cable car”, since during the Second World War, all sailors were characterized by a hairstyle with long bangs, as if surrounded by a rope. According to another version of the origin of the haircut: in the second half of the twentieth century, several matches were organized between the Canadian and Soviet national hockey teams. Athletes from Canada, upon their arrival in Moscow, amazed their colleagues with their well-groomed and original hairstyles – the hair on the back of the head was cut in a semicircle, and not in a standardized straight line. The same hairstyles for the members of the Canadian team symbolized their unity and cohesion, which can probably be called one of the factors that led to the victory over the Soviet athletes.

Thus, the “cable car” was transformed into a “Canadian”, which has become popular since then and is in demand until now. Today, the Canadian haircut is in demand among celebrities: this hairstyle is chosen by many movie stars, professional athletes and singers.

стрижка Канадка
мужская стрижка Канадка

Haircut Canadian: main features and varieties

The main characteristics of the hairstyle include: splendor, the presence of bangs and short-cropped temples and the back of the head. Sophistication results in smooth transitions from short to long strands, which also provides a neat look and ease of styling. The latter can be very diverse depending on the preferences and style of the owner of the Canadian: a man can make both an elegant classic styling and create a brutal and disordered negligence on his head. There are two hairstyles:

  • Classic. The transition from short parts to length. The greatest length of the strands is characteristic of the crown.

  • Athletic. There are not so many differences from the “classics”, but this option does not imply careful maintenance and styling. The length of the strands on the crown, as a rule, does not exceed 3-5 cm, which ensures the unpretentiousness of a sports haircut.

Canadian advantages: why you should choose this particular haircut

The main advantages of a haircut:

1.  Ease of implementation. Even a novice barber can make such a haircut at the highest level, and masters with many years of experience are quite capable of doing it in 10 minutes.

2.  Easy styling. The classic version does not need special care and styling: to get a great look, you just need to wash your hair and dry your hair with a hairdryer. If desired and depending on preferences or the upcoming event, you can use a variety of cosmetics: mousses, foams, gels, etc. Thus, you can create a unique, elegant and stylish look. Men’s cosmetics also allow you to give the necessary shape to both a short version of the Canadian and a haircut with long strands.

3.  Versatility. For Canadians – haircuts there is no age limit: it looks great, and on children and young men and mature men.

4.  Practicality. The same hairstyle can look wholly different: at one point you can look like a respectable owner of a multimillion-dollar concern, and after a few minutes you can create a brutal and seductive image of a bully – it all depends on combing and using cosmetics.

Who is a Canadian suitable for?

Canadian – the hairstyle is considered universal, as it is ideal for owners of any face shape and hair type. If you dislike the classics, you can opt for modifications, or you yourself can offer the barbershop master the type of desired combination.

Unlike buzz cut, for a Canadian, the structure of the hair does not matter: the haircut looks great on both straight and curly or wavy hair. The only caution: it is worth abandoning the hairstyle altogether for representatives of the stronger sex with excessive body weight. A haircut will do:

  • Owners of a round or oval face. In the first option, it is better to opt for the option with an elongated bang or lay the strands in the parietal region to create the visual effect of a long face.

  • Men with angular features. It is recommended to give preference to short bangs and strands chaotically falling to the temporal zone.

  • Young people with non-standard taste preferences and style. In this case, you can choose the option with long curls in the parietal region and a very short temporo-occipital zone.

  • Business representatives of the stronger sex. In this case, it is better to opt for the timeless classics with smooth transitions from short sections to long ones.

A Canadian haircut is a manifestation of elegance, sophistication and versatility. That is why it has been one of the most popular men’s hairstyles for a long time. It is important not to forget that the guarantee of an attractive appearance of the haircut is the cleanliness and neatness of the hair.


What does a Canadian haircut look like?

Canadian is a short man’s haircut, with a difference in length and volume in the frontal and parietal areas.

What type of face is a Canadian suitable for?

Most of all, a Canadian is suitable for owners of a round, oval or triangular shape.

By what means can a Canadian be laid?

For Canadians use special styling gel, paste, mousse or wax, which keep their shape and allow the hair to give the desired shape and volume.

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