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The desire to look stylish and stand out from the crowd is characteristic not only of girls and women: men also highly value non-standard hairstyles that emphasize all their advantages. At the same time, practicality and versatility of the bow is important for every representative of the stronger sex: a haircut should not need excessive care and many hours of styling. These requirements are dictated by the modern pace of life: there is often simply not enough time for such procedures.

Crop is considered a popular and stylish haircut among young people. Its feature is the combination of straight lines in the temporo-occipital area with chaos in the parietal area.

Crop: the history of the hairstyle

The crop hairstyle dates back to Medieval France. Its features were considered non-standard shapes and short length. Over time, the haircut was modified and spread, first across the territories of European countries, and then in the United States of America. In the middle of the twentieth century, the crop again became popular because of its originality and elegance. The extravagant version was in demand for a rather short time, so society settled on a more moderate version of the hairstyle, with long top curls and a neatly shaved bottom.

стрижка Кроп
мужская стрижка Кроп

Varieties of crop hairstyles

There is no single type of crop cut. The implementation of this hairstyle can be classic with a clear separation of the top and bottom, or it can be an example of an original, unusual experiment. The most common modifications of the crop include:

  1. Classic French. It is characterized by long curls with ragged edges on the parietal region. The bangs can be stacked both back and on the side. It is believed that such a hairstyle is ideal for rebels who want to show the whole world their hot character and violent temper.             
  2. Crop without bangs. The strict and brutal image determines the restriction of the haircut exactly along the forehead line.             
  3. Fade Crop. There are no abrupt transitions here, only soft, blurred boundaries between the long cap and the short bottom. This modification of the classic crop allows you to visually lengthen the face and create a neat, sophisticated look.             
  4. Very short crop. The length of the hair in the parietal region is only a few centimeters longer than in the temporo-occipital region. This option is chosen mainly by professional athletes because such a haircut is practical, easy to care for and does not need daily styling.             
  5. Crop with elongated strands. The length of the curls is several centimeters longer than in the classic crop, and the temporal zone is still cut or shaved short. This image looks very fresh, bright and stylish.             

Crop can transform any man, making him an original and neat representative of the stronger sex. Check with your barber to find out what other modifications to this hairstyle he knows and can suggest you do.

Who should choose a Crop 

Before visiting a barbershop, you need to take a responsible approach to choosing a hairstyle. To do this, you need to decide which haircut will suit you best. The crop will look great:

  • If you have naughty hair – a haircut will definitely pacify them;      
  • On owners of square, roundish and oval face shapes;      
  • Men with thin and thin hair. The masters of the Frisor are professionals in their field, capable of obtaining excellent results, not only when working with thick hair.      

Before you come to the barbershop, you should wait a little if you are the owner of a very short haircut: the optimal length of curls is from 3 to 6 cm, depending on the hairstyle you choose. Crop is often preferred by men with straight hair, however, those with curly or wavy hair can delight themselves in an attractive French way in the hands of a skilled craftsman.

Features of styling and caring for a Crop 

The popularity of the Crop hairstyle is due not only to its original, well-groomed and attractive appearance, but also to its practicality – you do not need styling to get the desired look, you just need to wash and dry your hair. That is why the hairstyle is perfect for modern young people with an overly intense pace of life.

You can resort to cosmetics on special occasions: if a romantic dinner is foreseen, or you want to create the image of an eccentric bully. In the case of a crop with elongated strands, you can achieve an intelligent and graceful bow by parting and dividing the curls in different directions.

When it comes to caring for this haircut, the barbers give the following tips:

  • Give preference to naturally drying your hair and only use a hair dryer when styling is needed.      
  • Do not buy cosmetics in the mass market, but choose products from professional brands. When choosing, it is better to consult your master.      
  • Using a special lipstick will provide an attractive appearance, shine and softness.      

There are a great many men’s haircuts, and each of them is similar to the other, but at the same time it differs in its characteristic features. With such hairstyles as Quiff, Canadian, Undercut, the Crop is similar to short-cropped or shaved hair in the nape and temples, as well as long bangs. Of course, there are significant differences between these haircuts, but only a professional can distinguish them.


What are the peculiarities of Crop?

In a cropped hairstyle, the area of ​​the temples and the back of the head is cut short or shaved, and the bangs remain long enough.

What kind of care does a Crop haircut need?

Crop does not require special care. Just wash and dry your hair. Can be styled with special styling cosmetics.

How long should the hair be for a Crop?

Hair length should be between 3 and 6 cm.

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