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In the modern world, fashion trends change quickly. Such metamorphoses concern not only clothes, but also men’s haircuts. At the same time, the classics have always remained popular: the universal and graceful Fade has occupied a leading position at all times. Neatness determines the versatility of the hairstyle: it is suitable for the stronger sex of all ages.

How Fade hairstyle appeared : the history of haircuts

The Fade haircut is believed to have its origins in the United States. It was then that the fashion for a haircut, which was nicknamed “military”, spread among the soldiers and officers of the American army. The popularity of the hairstyle faded somewhat with the rise in popularity of the pompadour thanks to Elvis Presley and the mop top, which became a cult because of the members of the Beatles.

Fade returned to the top of haircuts in the late 80s of the last century, when hip-hop took over all chats. Fade is considered trendy today, so the number of owners of this hairstyle is increasing every day. Among the modern celebrities who prefer this hairstyle, Irish boxer Conor McGregor, should be distinguished. The haircut looks great both in the ring and with a classic suit.

стрижка Фєйд
мужская стрижка Фєйд

Fade: features and types of hairstyles

Haircuts with the fade technique are in demand not only because of their neat and aesthetic appearance, but also because of their practicality. You will not need to spend a lot of time and money on cosmetics for styling, as the Fade retains its magnificent appearance for 14-28 days after visiting the barbershop. The versatility of the hairstyle is due to the presence of a “smoky” soft transition from a short-cropped or shaved area to strands of any length at the crown.

In total, there are 5 options for fade hairstyles, which can be harmoniously combined with each other:

  1. Low Fade. The main task is to start shaving hair already in the neck area, gradually moving up to the crown. The transition can be abrupt or smooth at your discretion.             
  2. Medium Fade. This haircut option is also called classic, since it was he who was common among the American military. With this haircut, the temporal-occipital region is shaved or cut as short as possible, with a transition slightly above the ears. This combination forms a strict and elegant image of the owner of the hairstyle.             
  3. High Fade. Modification of the hairstyle can be called extravagant and bold, since it involves the creation of a short haircut with a transition line to long strands 5 cm from the crown.             
  4. Fade with scissors. In this case, a hair clipper is not used – the barber performs all the manipulations using ordinary scissors.             
  5. Longer fade. Often this type of haircut is confused with an Undercut. An elongated fade is characterized by a smooth transition from long curls to a part of the head shaved to zero.             

Each of the options goes well with facial hair: mustache, beard and sideburns.

Fade: who should pay attention

A universal option can be called Fade scissors, since the master can adapt the haircut to any face shape. In this case, you still need to take into account:

  • The rhythm of life. It is necessary to emphasize the importance of careful grooming, since without it, any hairstyle will look sloppy and unpreventable. If the rhythm of life does not allow you to do styling every day, you should abandon complex and intricate fade options.      
  • Face shape. Holders of a round face are advised to opt for asymmetrical Fade haircuts – this way, you can visually make the face look longer. The oval shape is universal, so you can experiment without fear. Any haircut will look great.      
  • Hair structure. Unruly, too coarse and curly hair requires additional thinning. If there is no time for grooming procedures and styling, give preference to short Fade options.      

When done correctly, the Fade hairstyle is versatile and will suit any man? When choosing a haircut modification, rely on your taste preferences, image, place of work and the recommendations of the barber.

The main benefits of Fade hairstyles

Among the advantages of this haircut, it is necessary to highlight:

  • Original appearance;      
  • No age restrictions;      
  • Creating an attractive image: it can be brutal or sophisticated, depending on the styling option;      
  • Unpretentiousness – care involves the usual shampooing;      
  • Easy styling through the use of a hair dryer and cosmetic styling products;      
  • The ability to experiment with the image: fade looks great both with a tuxedo and with ordinary jeans and a shirt.      

In addition, Fade results in an elegant and eye-catching image of a successful person.

Features of styling Fade hairstyles

Styling can be chaotic or voluminous.

  • The sloppy type works well with varying Fade lengths. To do this, apply styling mousse to the washed damp hair and give the curls the desired direction, then thoroughly dry the strands with a hairdryer. To highlight texture, wax can be applied to individual curls.      
  • Bulky styling is only suitable for medium to high Fade owners. Mousse or foam is also applied to wet strands, after which the hair is combed back. Men with a square and round face should pay attention to this styling.      

Let’s take a look at fade styling with long bangs. With this haircut technique, the curls are dried towards the face. Remember that getting quality styling products is as daunting as creating attractive styling. In order not to be mistaken in choosing cosmetics, consult your barber.


How often do you need to update the Fade?

You need to renew your haircut every 14-28 days, depending on the rate of hair growth.

How to stack the Fade?

The fade type affects the styling. There are options where a simple comb is enough, or more complex styling using special styling products.

Who is Fade suitable for?

The fade hairstyle is quite a versatile option, and a professional barber can adapt a haircut to any type of face and hair structure.

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