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Flattop, like “iron Arnie”, a hedgehog – all these are synonyms for the same hairstyle is a platform. This haircut is a flat horizontal plane, which gave rise to its name. The hairstyle was at the peak of popularity twice, in the 30s of the twentieth century and in 1984.

The history of the emergence and distribution of haircuts flattop

The flattop became popular around the first half of the last century, when convenience and brevity were the priority. Mostly officers went with such a haircut: ordinary soldiers could not afford to visit a hairdresser. Flattop demanded an unprecedented perseverance of the client himself and a high level of skill of the barber because the result should be a perfectly even hairstyle, which was considered a sign of status and high military rank. They did not stay in trend for a long time – haircuts with long bangs quickly replaced the platforms.

The flattop was again at the peak of popularity in the 80s: it was then that the cult Terminator appeared on the screens. In those days, the platform was worn not only by “iron Arnie”, but also by other celebrities. The haircut has become popular again not only because of Hollywood stars: the flattop focuses on facial features, revealing it as much as possible and emphasizing all the advantages.

Flattop: characteristic features

The distinctive features of the flattop include even cutting of hair in the occipital-temporal region and, as if “under a ruler” in the crown area. The result is a kind of platform that gave the name to the hairstyle. The haircut has similarities with the undercut, but it looks more like the famous “hedgehog”.

The length of the hair in the parietal region can vary – the barber will consider all your wishes. As a rule, the height of the platform does not exceed 3-5 cm. A haircut is capable of somewhat correcting facial features: balancing a massive lower jaw or making a low forehead higher.

стрижка Майданчик
мужская стрижка Майданчик

Who should pay attention to the men’s flattop

There are no age restrictions. Although the hairstyle seems simple, some aspects should be considered when choosing it:

  • Having thick and coarse hair. Otherwise, the haircut will not keep the desired shape even after visiting the master of the barbershop. Otherwise, you will need constant use of cosmetics and daily styling.

  • Face shape. Holders of a round shape are advised by barbers to opt for a site with a maximum strand length of 4-5 cm. Thus, you can successfully lengthen the profile and highlight the cheekbones. For men with an oval or elongated face, it is better to choose a flattop with a length of 1.5-2 cm, since a hairstyle with large strands will additionally “stretch” the face.

  • Neck length. Representatives of the sterner sex with a short neck should abandon the platform, as this haircut will visually create the effect of a “flat” face.

Men who are prone to the appearance of bald patches should not do a flattop, as it will be impossible to achieve a uniform desired result in this case. The site is definitely not suitable for guys with curly and wavy hair.

Benefits of a flattop haircut

  • Expressive, charismatic and brutal image.

  • No need for care if the hair keeps its shape on its own.

  • The ability to hide all the flaws and highlight the advantages. Lips, eyes and cheekbones become especially expressive.

Among the disadvantages of the site is that it will not suit the owners of soft hair and natural parting. Without styling, you will not achieve the desired effect. It will also take a little getting used to the new look if you decide on such a radical experiment for the first time.

Varieties of flattop

Although it seems that flattop is a hairstyle that cannot be modified, there are still several options:

  • Classic is a short-cropped temporo-occipital area and a perfectly flat area in the parietal area.

  • Caret is a distinctive feature is the large length of hair at the crown of the head.

  • T-shirt is the haircut differs from the classic by laying the strands on the side, while the traditional version is characterized by a strictly vertical direction of the hair.

To determine which haircut option suits you best, contact the Frisor masters. You can also see the photo of the flattop on our website.

Features of care and wearing of a flattop

A flattop allows you to favorably highlight and open facial features, focus on the eyebrows, eyes, lips and cheekbones. To be the proud owner of a well-groomed and neat flattop hairstyle, you should follow these guidelines:

  • Regular correction of facial hair: an unkempt and regrown beard, mustache and sideburns significantly spoil the whole image.

  • Daily styling. Talk to your barber about what products you need to get the desired result every day.

  • Periodic visits to the barbershop to maintain optimal shape.

For styling, special foams, mousses, gels and fixatives for men are used. You can choose any tool that is convenient for you to use.

The site is ideal for lovers of brevity and conservatism. The hairstyle does not require a lot of time for styling, emphasizes masculinity and strength of character, is practical and comfortable. It is not for nothing that the military, professional athletes, Hollywood stars, including the great Terminator, choose her.


Who is the flattop haircut suitable for?

The site is suitable for men with expressive, masculine features, owners of a long neck.

How long does it take to lay the site?

Installation does not take long. It is enough to dry wet hair with a hairdryer, lifting the strands at the roots of the hair.

Do you need additional means for laying the site?

To fix the hairstyle, you will need special styling products, which the master of the barbershop will help you choose.

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