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Fashion is very changeable: you never know what will become iconic and trendy in the next season. So, the mullet haircut broke into the top of the most popular hairstyles. The hairstyle has left a significant imprint on history, but no one can reliably tell about its origin.


Mullet: hypotheses of occurrence

There is an opinion that the hairstyle was worn in Ancient Egypt, and after several centuries the formidable warlike Vikings began to give preference to the practical mullet. Later, the haircut was common among American sailors and fishermen of the 19th century because such a haircut allowed protecting the neck from the cold wind and subsequent colds. For the same purpose, the mullet was made by Canadian hockey players who have been on the ice arena for a long time. 

Mullet was at its peak in the 70s of the last century: it was then that many iconic musicians made their hair an attribute of rock culture. It is still unclear what caused the high demand for such a haircut: extravagance and unusual appearance, the desire to be like idols or practicality. A striking example of a classic mallet can be called the lush red hair of British rock musician and actor David Bowie.

Regardless of the origin of the haircut and its reputation at all times, each person should choose their image independently. No matter how unusual the hairstyle may seem, in the hands of an experienced master it will definitely become a work of art.

Mullet: main features

A Mullet involves short hair on the front and sides, with a long tail covering the neck at the back. This form is quite practical, which has led to the demand for haircuts among ordinary workers at all times. Now the hairstyle is gaining popularity again, especially in the United States and Great Britain, fashionistas prefer bright modifications of the Mullet. The main distinguishing features of the Mullet include:

  • Versatility. There are no restrictions on the shape of the face, so you can safely experiment with the image and choose a Mullet. The versatility is also because this model is unisex, popular among both men and women.      
  • Practicality. The hairstyle does not require time and money for a thorough styling. In particular, a short haircut variation is unpretentious, although difficulties will not arise with a long modification.      
  • Various styling options. You can experiment depending on your mood or occasion: you can make both a neat, smooth styling for a business meeting, or add a little eccentricity and brutality to the image, chaotically ruffling your hair.      
  • Smoothness. The hairstyle is characterized by soft, gradual transitions: sharpness is unacceptable here.      
  • Mullet is suitable for all hair types. It doesn’t matter if you have straight, wavy or curly hair, the mallet will look great anyway.      

It is believed that the haircut looks best on thick and dense curls. However, if you are the owner of thin and thin hair, there is no need to despair, as now there is a fairly large range of cosmetics that can resolve this problem. Shaved temporal and straight bangs can add originality to the image.

If a haircut is universal in terms of face shape and hair structure, it will not suit every look. Before doing such a haircut, consult a barber. The master will tell you if the mallet suits your image and will advise you on the appropriate hairstyle option.

How can you style your Mullet? 

A Mullet can look wholly different depending on the type of styling.

  1. Straightened hair. This hairstyle looks neat, modest and fashionable. The styling is perfect for everyday wear.             
  2. Hairstyle with rounded edges. To create such styling, you can use a curling iron or a special comb. The rounded edges of the mallet will look best on those with a round face, as the profile will visually become more elongated and proportional.             
  3. Chaotic styling. If you don’t have time to straighten or round the strands, you can simply dry your hair. A little chaos also looks very interesting and extravagant. However, it is better to refuse this venture to owners of curly or wavy curls.             

To choose the right style, the type of face and hair structure should be considered. The most important thing is to create volume at the crown. For long-term fixation of styling, you can use a variety of cosmetics: mousses, foams, varnishes and stylers.

Features of caring for a Mullet

The mullet’s hairstyle is absolutely unpretentious. For its neat and well-groomed appearance, only clean hair and regular length correction are required. Styling is also important, otherwise the shape and appearance of the hairstyle will leave the best.

Given that such a haircut involves the frequent use of a hair dryer, ironing and curling iron, it will be necessary to use nourishing oils and masks to prevent over drying of the hair. The mallet hairstyle created by the skilled hands of the master will accurately emphasize all the advantages and hide the disadvantages. You can view a photo of a Mullet on the Frisor website.


How to care for a Mullet?

Mullet is not a rather laborious haircut, but for styling you will need a hairdryer or an iron, as well as styling products.

Which hair owners can make a Mullet?

The haircut looks best on thick and dense hair.

Does a Mullet suit everyone?

The haircut is quite original, so before doing if it is better to consult an experienced master.

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