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For most of the stronger sex, a headpiece is an accessory for the cold seasons. As a result, men mostly go bareheaded, so the hairstyle is a very important element of the image. You can get a stylish and attractive look with a Quiff.

How did the Quiff appear?

The history of the appearance of the Quiff dates back to the first half of the last century. Even then, she fell in love with many men for her exquisite appearance and practicality. Initially, the British began to wear it, and later the popularity of the haircut spread to other European countries and the United States. By the 50s, the Quiff made a splash in the field of men’s fashion. She was worn by many men, especially those who were in the dandy category.

Today, the retro style is again in trend, so the Quiff again occupies a leading position in the top hairstyles for the stronger sex. It is especially highly regarded in Western Europe, where it is considered one of the most stylish, extravagant and elegant haircuts. This explains why the hairstyle is so popular among celebrities as well: football players, singers, film actors and politicians.

What is a Quiff

Quiff is the timeless classic of men’s hairstyles from the UK. This haircut is a combination of extravagant pompadour, artsy Mohawk and a strict platform. The bangs or side parting can be additional elements, although these are not required. A characteristic feature of the haircut is a massive hair protrusion in the front.

For all the years of its existence, the Quiff has not undergone significant modifications. A classic haircut can be called a combination of a voluminous top with shortened strands in the back of the head. The accent becomes a long bang, which fits either back or sideways. The temporal region is usually shaved, or cut so that the hair can be comfortably slicked back. All these features can be easily seen in any photo of a Quiff.

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How does a Quiff differ from a Canadian

Often, a haircut originally from the UK is confused with a similar iconic hairstyle – a Canadian. The mistake is quite reasonable because both hairstyles suggest the presence of long curls in the front and a shortened occipital region. The differences lie in the length of the strands: the Quiff is characterized by long bangs and short hair in the back of the head, but in the Canadian there is no such severity. The front curls can be shorter, and the occipital-temporal zone is not cut so short.

Who is the Quiff for?

The Quiff is not as versatile as, for example, crew cut, buzz cut and Canadian. Such a haircut is not suitable for every representative of the stronger sex. Therefore, it is very important to consider such an individual feature of each person as the shape of the face. The Quiff looks most harmonious on the owners of an oval or square shape. In the second case, the hairstyle softens the massiveness of the lower jaw and focuses on the eyes and lips. For men with a rounded or elongated face, you can also get this haircut, however, to blend it organically with facial features, you need to choose the right styling.

The Quiff is definitely not suitable for the stronger sex with thin and thin hair, as well as for those who are not ready to devote quite a lot of effort and time to caring for and styling their hair. Otherwise, the hairstyle will look unkempt. The main advantage of the Quiff is her flexibility because she goes well both with a casual look or a romantic bow, and with a business suit or even a tuxedo.

Varieties of the Quiff: which model to choose

The classic Quiff will never go out of style. This haircut looks elegant, not defiant and soft. By changing the length of the hair, combining this hairstyle with others, you can achieve an absolutely stunning effect. It was thanks to experiments and bold ideas of clients that the subspecies of this haircut appeared:

  • Sports;

  • Military;

  • Asymmetry.

To choose the appropriate haircut option, consult your barber. The master will determine your face shape and advise a hairstyle in accordance with your needs and image.

Features of styling Quiff

There are several styling options depending on the type and density of hair:

  • Gel. Ideal for normal thick hair. It is necessary to apply a cosmetic product on wet strands, after which an even distribution of the gel along the entire length of the hair is required. After all the manipulations, you need to give the shock the desired shape.

  • Diffuser or styler. The tool will be needed by owners of thin, sparse hair, as it allows you to radically change the image. Will you be romantic, sublime, or cocky today?

  • The hair gel is also recommended for owners of curly or wavy hair, which can be called a must-have attribute of romanticism. The cosmetic product will allow you to reliably fix the falling bangs.

To make the styling look neat and attractive, it is recommended to carry out all procedures on freshly washed hair, as this is a guarantee of obtaining the desired result.


What type of face does the Quiff fit into?

The Quiff looks best on those with an oval and square face shape. The rounded type needs some styling.

To whom is the Quiff categorically not recommended?

A Quiff should not be cut if you have thin hair that is prone to receding hairline.

What are the best styling products for Quiff?

The choice of styling product depends on how thick your hair is. It is better to consult a professional who will select the best option.

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