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The Undercut is a popular modern haircut that combines creative intervention on both the top and bottom of the scalp. Over the century, the haircut has undergone many changes, but at all times it has remained a trend among representatives of various segments of the population: ordinary workers and office workers, soldiers, students, doctors and artists.

The story of Undercut

The Undercut haircut has been popular for over 100 years. Initially, it was worn by soldiers of the British army during the First World War, and after a while, the convenience and practicality were appreciated by the German military. The length of the hairstyle did not interfere and allowed the battle to be fought without being distracted, which was especially appreciated at the front. In the post-war period, the fashion for men’s Undercut spread among the civilian population: students and applicants especially fell in love with the hairstyle in the 20s of the twentieth century.

It was around this time that the undercut back began to become popular with the hipsters in the United States. At the same time, the emergence of hippie-type subcultures in the 50-60s of the last century displaced such an exquisite haircut from the pedestal of the championship in popularity.

Further, surges in popularity were observed in the 80s and in 2010. The undercut haircut has not lost its relevance even now.

стрижка АНДЕРКЕТ
мужская стрижка АНДЕРКЕТ

Undercut: varieties and features

The differences between the undercut hairstyles are in the length and structure of the hair. The most common types of haircuts include:

  • Short Undercut. A continuation of short-cropped temples is often a slight unshaven.

  • Classics. The Undercut is characterized by the possibility of experimenting with styling.

  • Undercut with bangs. The length of the strands often exceeds 18 cm, such a hairstyle can be worn without styling, or you can change the image using different styling;

  • Undercut for curly hair. The technique of creating a hairstyle does not differ in any characteristic features. The allocation of a haircut into a separate category is due to the peculiarities of the hair structure.

You can often hear how the short Undercut is called “military”, which only confirms its popularity among the military personnel of the last century.

Who is the Undercut recommended for?

The haircut is suitable for men of all ages, but in some cases it will not look as organic and harmonious as we would like. Pay attention to the undercut:

  • For dark-haired men. The haircut looks more noticeable and attractive on dark strands. Also, on brunettes and brown-haired women, the contrast between short and long zones is clearly visualized.

  • For men with straight and coarse hair, who are ready to spend time on styling every day and regularly visit the barbershop for periodic correction and maintaining the shape of the haircut.

  • Representatives of the stronger sex with a rounded, oval and square face shape. The hairstyle will visually lengthen the profile, hide flaws and emphasize all advantages.

Undercut on wavy and curly hair is also not a problem for a professional masters from Frisor, however, the need for daily care will become many times higher.

Who should abandon hairstyles Undercut

The main feature of the Undercut is the presence of long bangs and strands on the crown of the head, with a short-shaven temporo-occipital region. Such a sharp transition looks great and creates a vivid image, but not for everyone. It is not recommended doing an Undercut in the following cases:

  • Elongated or pointed face shape. Considering that the Undercut visually lengthens the profile, the face will look even thinner and longer.

  • Style. Of course, a haircut looks great both with a plaid shirt and a classic suit, but in some cases, in business negotiations, such a hairstyle does not look grave and is not always appropriate;

  • Unruly and curly hair. You will need to spend significantly more time and money on care and styling.

  • Blond hair. The difference between the long and short areas will not be as noticeable.

The Undercut can be styled in different ways. As a rule, gels, foams and fixatives are used for this purpose, although some can style their hair in a stunning hairstyle without cosmetics just by using a hairdryer.

The most popular Undercut options

The many haircut options allow you to experiment with the image. This is how the modifications of the classic British haircut that are in demand today appeared:

  • Undercut with long bangs combed back. The distinctive features of this haircut include differences in length and the presence of a separation without a smooth transition. You can choose a softer and more restrained type of haircut, which is somewhat close to the classics: you can create the effect of merging the crown and the back of the head. The volume and length of the strands can always be reduced.

  • Undercut with side parting. This version of the hairstyle can already be considered a modern classic. Best suited to owners of straight and manageable hair.

Undercut is a hairstyle that requires careful daily grooming and styling. To look well-groomed and effective every day, you should use a variety of styling lotions, gels and lipsticks.


Features of the Undercut technique?

The peculiarity of this hairstyle is that the transition of the hair between the top and the temples is not smooth, so the technique of execution is very important. It is important to consult a professional barber.

How to install an Undercut?

Depending on the length of the hair, the Undercut is styled differently. The barbershop masters will help you to choose the means for styling.

How often should you update your hairstyle?

You should visit the master at regular intervals once a month.

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