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Frisor II Barbershop KYIV

вибір України 2019 2020 2021 Ukrainian Business Award
The League of experienced male barbers where people come to The Master but not just to a barbershop.

Frisor II

Saksahanskoho st. 27
098 120 80 32

About Barbershop

Frisor Barbershop logo with beard

The Frisor II is a temple of masculine style without borders and stereotypes.

The Barbershop is located on Saksaganskogo 27 and is located in a historic building where the world famous Jewish writer Sholem Aleichem lived.

Branch staff:

Here you can get a haircut and at the same time attend a therapy session with Dima Ostapchuk. Dima is a psychologist by training, so an easy and sincere conversation with him is guaranteed.

Nikolay Strigun also works in our barbershop at 27 Saksaganskogo. For him, barbering is an art, so he loves to cut in silence to give all the attention to details.

The third master is Edgar Karapetyan, an Armenian by nationality and a Ukrainian by heart. Edgar has 20 years of experience in the field of barbering, he speaks German, a little English and is happy to learn Ukrainian.

Denis Demkin is the most talkative artist and stylist by education. The only barber in Frisor who does a children’s haircut. Children love to have a haircut by Denis, because he finds an approach to a child of any age.

Taras Viytovich first got a haircut in Frisor in 2014. Now Taras is the leader of the Frisor’s team at Saksaganskogo. Between haircuts he reads classic literature.

The next master is Kostya Vadin. A very calm and slightly melancholic person. Although he loves to travel around Kiev on a red sports motorcycle.

Miraculously, Kostya finds a common language with his American client Dane Waters. Kostya does not speak English, and Dane does not speak Russian.

Only at the Frisor II you can get a black mask procedure and only by Vadim Kiyanichenko. Vadim is a jeweler by profession, so every haircut looks like a piece of jewelry.

Namesake Vadim Krigan is an excellent barber and loving father of his little daughter. Vadim comes to work before everyone else, likes to joke a lot and is always positive.

We are not just a hair salon on Saksaganskogo 27, we are an exclusive service of men’s style in the world of thick hair and sharp razors.

We are capable of doing more. For example, we can call you a taxi home without any problems or play with your pet during the procedure. If the master has enough time, he can excitedly play chess with you. In case of victory, we take a photo together.

Our grand guests:

  • Anton Ptushkin is an Ukrainian travel blogger and TV presenter, Honored Journalist of Ukraine.
  • Nikita Dobrynin is the former “Bachelor” of the country, television and radio host, former editor of the men’s magazine “XXL”.
  • Orest Muriy and Petro Zastavny are famous Ukrainian Instagram bloggers.
  • Brand leader

    Brand leader

  • More than 600 happy clients daily

    More than 600 happy clients daily

  • We support male traditions

    We support male traditions

  • We love piece

    Love piece :)

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Contact Us

Frisor II

Saksahanskoho st. 27
098 120 80 32
Operating time:
Daily 10:00 - 19:00
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