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Frisor V Barbershop KYIV

вибір України 2019 2020 2021 Ukrainian Business Award
The League of experienced male barbers where people come to The Master but not just to a barbershop.

Frisor V

Dniprovsʹka Naberezhna, 19
097 067 7595

About Barbershop

Frisor Barbershop logo with beard

We represent one of the most popular Frisor branches in Kiev! Different people can visit this barbershop on Osokorki: hipsters and guys who follow the latest fashion trends, men who seek a universal set of services, and those who want to radically change their image. Frisor Barbershop V on Dneprovskaia embankment in Kiev is a really prestigious place to create a new image. Here you can trust to the professionals of their business and completely relax, forget about everyday work vanity.

Why Choose This Frisor Branch For Your Haircut?

This branch has several features and differences from conventional barbershops. Among them:

  • A masculine atmosphere. There is no lady talk about nails and fashion shows, flashy gilded mirrors and pink wallpaper. In the barbershop on Osokorki truly brutal interior with decorative elements in the form of a deer head, guns and globe bar. Visiting our barbershop, you will not only improve your bow, but also enjoy a delicious drink of your choice.
  • Unique services that you won’t take advantage of in a regular barbershop. A prime example is shaving with a dangerous razor. Each of the masters has undergone a long training, followed by practice and testing of their skills.
  • High qualification of the masters. All barbers of Osokorki have more than 5 years of experience, constantly sharpening their skills and passing courses. That is why you can come to the barber, show photos of desired haircuts and get perfect results. Unlike common hairdressers, our masters can combine different techniques and experiment, departing from the classic “half-box” and “Canadian” to achieve an appealing stylish image.

Your visit to the hairdresser’s shop on the Dneprovskaia embankment in Kiev can also be called a relaxation session. Here you will not only change your appearance, but also relax and take a rest talking to our masters. All this can be considered a pleasant psychotherapy session with a cup of coffee or a stronger drink.

The Main Reasons To Choose The Barbershop On Osokorki

If you decide to become a client of Frisor, you can count on:

  • Excellent service;
  • Cozy and brutal entourage;
  • Using expensive and high-quality cosmetics;
  • Stylish and attractive haircuts;
  • A pleasant pastime and an opportunity to discuss any news with the master;
  • Shaving with a razor and waxing.

Another plus is our convenient location: we are on the same façade as ilMolino, Mama’s House and Cartata Potata across from River Mall.

We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with your visit to Frisor Barbershop V. Every month about 800 people trust us with their hair and beards, and they are happy with the results. After all, Frisor barbershops is a modern culture of attractiveness and masculinity.

  • Brand leader

    Brand leader

  • More than 600 happy clients daily

    More than 600 happy clients daily

  • We support male traditions

    We support male traditions

  • We love piece

    Love piece :)

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Contact Us

Frisor V

Dniprovsʹka Naberezhna, 19
097 067 7595
Operating time:
Daily 10:00 - 19:00
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