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Frisor VI Barbershop KYIV

выбор Украины 2019
The League of experienced male barbers where people come to The Master but not just to a barbershop.

Frisor VI

Dryzhvy Narodiv blvd, 18/7
068 331 87 65

About Barbershop

Frisor Barbershop logo with beard

The barbershops are a whole culture that appeared back in the 18th century. The masters of their vocation work in these establishments, and each client is a welcome guest who becomes the owner of a modern, stylish image. Druzhba Narodiv barbershop in Kiev is no exception. Frisor is a real men's club, where you will not only get a haircut and tips on care, but always listen to them and get supportive talk and advice. Here, every man can really take a rest from boring everyday life.

What Are The Peculiarities Of Frisor Branch On Druzhba Narodov?

The first characteristic feature of Druzhba Narodiv barbershop in Kiev is the absence of women. Here you will not feel the sweet aroma of lady perfume, you will not witness the conversation about the decorative cosmetics or recipes for pies. A barbershop is about brutality and true masculinity. This branch of Frisor is a peculiar representation of the culture and worldview, and the atmosphere offers a sense of strength, confidence and austerity.

Other distinctions include:

  • Simplicity. At Frisor on Friendship of Nations, there is no pretentiousness or excess. We believe that beauty is in brevity, so we gave preference to a minimalist interior design and optional ergonomic furniture. We also eschewed obtrusive decor to create a classic, brutal atmosphere in which any member of the stronger sex will be comfortable.
  • Lots of services. In the barbershop near Druzhba Narodov metro you can do not only a standard "box" or "undercut". Our masters consider individual peculiarities of each client, face shape, wishes and undertake work of any complexity. Even if you are eager to renew your image or experiment by combining several haircuts in one, you can be sure that Frisor's barber will do everything in the best way.

In addition to haircuts, the masters in the Kiev barbershop on Druzhba Narodiv provide full-service beard care. In particular its haircut, styling and care using only the best cosmetics. Barbers also provide free royal shaving, facial waxing and camouflaging. The barbershop on Druzhby Narodov is not just a barbershop, but also a hobby club. Here you can discuss any topic, and friendly barbers will always support the conversation.

Frisor VI Is A Perfect Combination Of Brutality And Refinement

The barbershop in Druzhba Narodov is a place for real men who like to look well-groomed and attractive. You can entrust us with your image and get maximum pleasure from the time spent in our barbershop. We guarantee creation of a stylish and presentable look, which will emphasize all your virtues and masculinity.

All barbershop masters universally are professionals in their field, and they tirelessly hone and perfect their skills. At Frisor they also teach you how to use cosmetic products correctly to look one hundred percent every day and arouse admiration of other people.

And it's easy to find us: we are located next to the supermarket Novus at 18/7 Druzhba Narodov.

  • Brand leader

    Brand leader

  • More than 600 happy clients daily

    More than 600 happy clients daily

  • We support male traditions

    We support male traditions

  • We love piece

    Love piece :)

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Contact Us

Frisor VI

Dryzhvy Narodiv blvd, 18/7
068 331 87 65
Operating time:
Daily 10:00 - 21:00
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