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Frisor VII Barbershop KYIV

вибір України 2019 2020 2021 Ukrainian Business Award
The League of experienced male barbers where people come to The Master but not just to a barbershop.

Frisor VII

Dmytra Lutsenka st, 10A
095 285 56 66

About Barbershop

Frisor Barbershop logo with beard

The barbershop in the British Quarter is the embodiment of modern culture of men’s attractiveness and relaxation. Here you can not only have your hair styled, have yours beard trimmed and greying disguised, but also talk to the masters on any topic and enjoy a truly manly, brutal atmosphere. Of course, in this barbershop will satisfy any whim to create the perfect image and your dramatic transformation.

Why Choose Frisor VII British Quarter Barbershop?

Our barbershop is located in the greenest and coziest district of Kiev at 10 Dmytro Lutsenko Str. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet. And the atmosphere allows you to escape for a while from the hectic pace of work and daily exhausting hustle and bustle.

Frisor in British Quarter is a successful combination of imperishable classics and progressive modernity. Our masters will do everything possible and impossible to create a perfect, stylish bow. Among the advantages of this branch are:

Experienced barbers. Our team includes masters with at least 3 years of experience. You can be sure that as a result, you will get the desired image. We strive for perfection all the time, we love complexity and experimentation, we help to pick up the image depending on the features of each client.

Unique services. In our barbershop, you can experience a royal shave, learn about proper home care to look stunning every day.

The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed. Frisor in the British Quarter is not an ordinary barbershop, but a man’s club. Here you can relax, enjoy the men’s company and discuss all kinds of questions of the universe.

We are trusted. Every month about 600 clients come to us to change their hair, trim their beards, and disguise their gray hair.

Our main goal is to make men confident and independent. The barber considers all the peculiarities of each guest: shape and features of the face, body, clothing style, to create the most suitable image.

How Does Frisor VII Differ From An Ordinary Barbershop?

Universal barbershop is not the place where a man can relax or discuss soccer or politics. Most often in such establishments with a representative of the stronger sex works with a universal barber, who is not knowledgeable in many subtleties and nuances of men’s haircuts, unlike the professional barber Frisor. In addition, barbershop masters use specialized hair clippers and are aware of all the details of using professional tools.

Another significant difference is the atmosphere. In the barbershop, you can hardly feel the traditional spirit of a barbershop, which is observed in the branch Frisor VII because not for nothing it is also called a classic men’s club.

Frisor is the art of male attractiveness and style. We are certain that you will be satisfied with the haircut and the atmosphere.

  • Brand leader

    Brand leader

  • More than 600 happy clients daily

    More than 600 happy clients daily

  • We support male traditions

    We support male traditions

  • We love piece

    Love piece :)

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Contact Us

Frisor VII

Dmytra Lutsenka st, 10A
095 285 56 66
Operating time:
10:00 - 20:00
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