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Male Style Guide

There are the priceless advice from the first and free barbers who opened their own barbershop in Ukraine! You can learn about the quickly putting in order a haircut or properly trimming the fringing. Men's haircuts and styling for every day, both modern and classic. Care and beard cutting. Reviews of men's stowage. All this cases and much more information is in our series. Have you been looking for a real men's magazine for a long time, where you can find competent recommendations on image and style? All things that you wanted to learn about caring for the beard and hair, about haircuts and shaving, about fashion trends and preferences of celebrities — here. Dangerous razors and styling products, the geometry of the haircuts and the rules of caring for the beard — in our «Male Style Guide» you will learn the subtleties of the male grooming, which follows the masters of the chain of barbershops.

Masters Frisor attach great importance to detail, because any small thing can decorate or negatively affect your image. We give useful advice for men to help them feel confident, we talk in details about the main hairdresser's laws and canons: what haircuts are suitable for different types of face, what the camouflage is and how to shave with a dangerous razor. We talk about all this and many other things in our articles and videos.In the reviews of barbershops «Frisor» you can see all the subtleties of the work of experienced masters and plunge into the atmosphere of the male community, where are the harmony, strength and wisdom reign. Even being in the virtual world of users and interfaces, we are tuning to the wave of live human communication and talking about complex things simply and with a soul. The male style guide is not only advice for men, it is a cultural movement that seeks to spread the ideas of humanity, acceptance and respect for the individuality of each person. Join now! And our magazine will become your faithful guide in the world of male style, creativity and freedom.
Уход за волосами

Уход за волосами

Пожалуйста, забудьте о том, что уход за волосами — издержки метросексуалов или забобоны, занимающие дорогое время. То, как вы выглядите, непосредственно ведь влияет на то, как вас воспринимают и как вы себя в своем статусе чувствуете. Прическа для мужчины давно стала показателем его самооценки. Самодостаточный и уверенный в себе никогда не махнет рукой на правильно…

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