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Frisor barbershop

The League of experienced male barbers where people come to The Master but not just to a barbershop.


  • MEN'S HAIRCUT 200 uah.
  • BEARD TRIM 120 uah.
  • Mustache trim 60 uah.
  • Straight Razor Shave 150 uah.
  • trainee haircut 50 uah.
  • BUZZ CUT 120 uah.
  • Kids haircut 120 uah.
  • GRAY COVERAGE 200 uah.
Sadovaya street, 4
067 439 63 67
Moskovska street, 7
096 235 41 40

About Us

Frisor barbershop combines an old-fashioned traditions with technologies, cinematic lighting for qualitative geometry of haircuts and classic techniques with the art of statuary of a male haircut, and only this way we can reveal and create a personalized image.
Our men's hair salon is the first one who ventured to break all the stereotypes, we are a symbiosis of Barbers, sculptors and classics - eager for excellence. Frisor barbershop holds weekly meetings and workshops - both in Nikolaev and Ukraine, we share secrets and tricks of proper straight razor home shaving and royal shaving rituals. We give practical advises on a beard&mustache grooming and proper hair styling. We want to help real men to be more independent and confident. Frisor Barbershop - men's club where you will not only become better, but also will be equipped with an experience of predecessors. Frisor's main feature is that we are the first barbershop in Ukraine opened by masters.
  • Eugene Kolob

  • Emil

  • Nikita

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Carlsberg - партнёр Frisor Pepsi - партнёр Frisor


Operating time:
Daily 10:00 - 21:00

Sadovaya st., 4
067 439 63 67

Moskovska st., 7
096 235 41 40