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Gray Hair Coverage

Price from 200 UAH

Many men like moderate gray hair, which emphasizes status, seriousness, and masculinity. But what if there are more and more gray hairs, and they spoil the whole image? In this case, coverage the hair will help. This service is provided in every Frisor barbershop, which is already open in many cities of Ukraine and Europe. Professional craftsmen can easily achieve the desired effect by eliminating gray hair from a beard or hairstyle. If necessary, you can set any tone for your hair, make it darker or lighter. Anything is possible at Frisor!

What Is Gray Hair Coverage?

Hair coverage has nothing to do with traditional hair coloring. Therefore, you should not worry about the fact that after this procedure you will have to constantly dye your hair, and their color will end up being wholly different. The camouflage of the beard and hair on the head covers only gray hair thanks to the use of special dyes designed specifically for men.

What is the peculiarity of the procedure:

This means that it is enough to periodically visit the master in the Frisor for coverage to always look your best! The dyes used do not contain ammonia and other substances that affect the natural hair color and structure. The special paint has a gentle composition. It is applied to the hair for only 5-10 minutes, due to which the dye does not penetrate deep into the hair root. But this is enough for up to 5 weeks to completely paint over light hairs on the head and beard, regardless of their intensity and the natural shade of the hair. You can have blonde, dark, red, light brown, or any other hair. The camouflage effect will be equally noticeable. Moreover, in the Frisor there is always professional paint available for different hair types.

What Is The Peculiarity Of Male Gray Hair Coverage?

In many European countries, hair coverage is considered a mandatory procedure for men when cutting. The Frisor team fully supports this tradition and offers everyone to camouflage gray hair for a small cost. This procedure will not take much time, but the effect will last more than one month.

Due to the use of professional dye with lipid molecules, the hair becomes softer and silky after camouflage. They return to their natural color and saturation. In addition, special compositions for painting gray hair include elements for protection against ultraviolet radiation. This protects the hair from the negative effects of the sun’s rays in summer.

Sign Up For Hair Coverage In Frisor

In just a couple of clicks, you can sign up for a hair and beard coverage procedure in your city, where branches of the Frisor barbershop operate. A visit to a men’s salon always evokes positive and vivid emotions. After all, the Frisor team creates a pleasant, friendly, and truly masculine atmosphere. This means that when visiting a barbershop, you can have a good time, chat with an experienced craftsman, have a drink from the bar, or read a fashion magazine.

The barbers will select a coverage product for you according to your hair type and shade. The main thing is that after painting over the gray hair, the appearance will not change, except that there will be no more light hairs on the head, mustache, and beard.

Cool, isn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is gray hair coverage different from hair coloring?

To coverage gray hair, special paint is used that does not change the natural color of the hair. The pigments of this dye only restore the natural shade of gray hair.

Is coverage of gray hair useful?

Yes, there are beneficial lipids and UV protection elements in special graying cevorage paints. This gives the hair volume, color saturation and prevents sun fading.

How often should you paint over gray hair?

On average, hair coverage is done once every 4-6 weeks. It depends on the intensity of the spread of gray hair.

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