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Haircut Under The Tip Of The Machine

Price from 200 UAH

A short haircut with a machine always looks effective and neat. Such a hairstyle is suitable for those who prefer an active lifestyle. In fact, for a few weeks after such a haircut, you can forget about the need to style your hair.

The Frisor perform a short haircut under the machine in just 15-20 minutes. This is enough to correctly select the shape of the haircut, choose the length and style of transitions, considering the shape of the face and wishes. This does not mean that the master uses only one attachment. Even a hairstyle that is simple at first glance requires special attention to details. That is why barbers exclude the slightest flaws, bringing each haircut under the nozzle to perfection.

Haircut To The Head Service

Machine haircuts are performed in several stages:

  1. Washing the head, followed by blow-drying.
  2. Discussion of the details of the haircut and the selection of the best nozzles by the master.
  3. The actual cutting and the creation of the correct fringe.
  4. Washing the head again to remove the cut hair.
  5. Applying care products if necessary.

Even short hair in some cases has to be styled with special products. Masters of Frisor will do it without difficulties! Moreover, each barbershop chain has a wide range of professional products for styling and care.

For each haircut masters use only the best tools including top brands cutting machines and sharp scissors of the premium segment. This is important to get an even cut of hair without any imperfections. It is in such details that the difference between a haircut in a cheap barbershop and a visit to a real men’s salon Frisor shows.

The high quality of a haircut under the machine is determined by the details. For example, an integral part of the process in a barbershop is to create a perfectly symmetrical fringe. This is done considering the parameters of the head and by the international rules of the barber school. Therefore, every hairstyle will look current and trendy.

Also, the masters in the process of haircut shave some areas, if it is provided by the chosen style. After shaving, a premium lotion with a very pleasant and persistent scent is used.

Why It Is Worth Choosing A Haircut Under The Machine At Frisor

Correctly executed short haircut suits almost everyone. It is worth choosing when you have an active lifestyle and do not want to spend time every day on hairstyling. The short hairstyle also saves on styling products and lotions. The result emphasizes masculinity, status, and attractiveness. Indeed, thanks to the short hairstyle can emphasize other features of the face (for example, visually highlight the cheekbones and temples).Frisor price’s for a haircut under the machine is always affordable. Choose your free time and make an appointment for any day with one of the experienced masters of the salon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to get a haircut?

The duration of short haircuts is individual. Usually, the master can get it done in 15-20 minutes. This time includes the process of washing the head followed by drying, applying powder or lotion after the haircut, and washing the hair after the cut is completed.

What's the peculiarity of a short haircut?

The right short haircut suits almost anyone. To complete this, the master considers various factors, including the shape of the head, lifestyle, and other anatomical features. The result is always a neat, spectacular, and symmetrical hairstyle.

How much does it cost to get a haircut in the Frisor?

The cost of a haircut under the attachment is from 200 UAH in any of the salons of the Frisor.
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