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Haircuts for Children

Price from 300 UAH

Every child deserves to look stylish and modern. Turn to the experienced masters of the Frisor network of barbershops! The barbers will choose the hairstyle for the kid that suits him best according to his clothing style and preferences. Modern children's haircuts for boys make kids more confident and allow them to stand out among their peers at school or somewhere in the yard at home.

What Haircuts Kids Get at Frisor Barbershops

Fashionable haircuts for boys must suit the kid’s hair type, clothing style, head shape, and other factors. All of this an experienced master necessarily takes into account before choosing a particular hairstyle. However, the main criterion of choice remains the parent, as well as the wishes of the boy himself.

Fashion haircuts for a boy can be divided into two conventional types:

Classic children’s haircuts include half-box, box, Canadian or British. In this variation, usually, a little more hair of medium length is left on top, and the sides and the back of the head are shortened with a smooth and even transition. This is suitable for those children who want to look neat and modern, but not too provocative among their friends.

Model haircuts are an original interpretation of a boy’s appearance. They include hairstyles with original patterns or other intricate elements. Most often, model haircuts for children are chosen for photoshoots or some milestone events (such as birthdays). But you can also get a haircut just for the sake of standing out among your friends and acquaintances.

The most important thing is that long and short haircuts for boys are performed by masters Frisor witch taking into account current fashion trends. Besides these barbers take into account many other factors including hair type, face shape, symmetry, and many others. This shows the individual approach of the master to the child.

The Features of Children's Haircuts at Frisor Barbershops

The culture of Frisor salons is entirely aimed at high-quality service and professionalism. Each master has experience working with children of different ages. During haircuts, special attention is paid to sterility and neatness. All sharp objects are put out of reach of the baby. For his leisure, the manager of the hall can entertain in the form of comics, children's magazines, some games. Before and after haircuts parents and their child can spend time in a soft waiting area with drinks and board games that are offered to all guests.It is worth noting that the masters are always very friendly to children during work. They try to be on the same wavelength as the kids and maintain a friendly conversation. Because of this, children enjoy visiting Frisor's barbershops.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to prepare a child for a haircut? 

The child will behave well if he feels calm and comfortable. To do this, it is recommended that one of the parents is nearby. Additionally, you can give your baby his favorite toy in your hands or turn on a cartoon on a smartphone or tablet.

What haircuts are given to children?

Barbershop craftsmen can give a child any haircut he or she and his or her parent want. Depending on the style of clothing, head shape, hair type and wishes, a child can get a short, long or designer haircut.

How much does it cost to get a haircut at Frisor?

Haircuts for children at Frisor barbershops cost from 300 UAH (for children under 12 years).
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