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Men’s Haircuts

Price from 200 UAH

Let's agree that your haircut should not only fit your lifestyle but also accentuate the advantages of your facial shape. It can hardly be achieved by visiting anonymous barbershops with anonymous masters over and over again. The Frisor barbershop chain has its own culture in which guests come to a particular master to create a personalized hairstyle that emphasizes masculinity and fits their lifestyle.Men's hairstyles created by Frisor masters are worked out in detail. Perhaps this work of an experienced barber will take a little longer (up to 40 minutes), but it is worth it. Time spent in the barbershop will pass unnoticed. So you can brighten it up with a friendly and useful conversation with the master or enjoy any of the drinks on offer: coffee, whiskey, beer, or soda.

Men’s Hairstyles at Frisor Barbershops

You are in luck! Because the barbers of Frisor network know how to implement in detail the desired men’s hairstyle. At that masters take into account such details as proportions of the face, form, and features. In the end, the haircut will be individual, which will hide possible flaws and emphasize the necessary details.

The most common men’s haircuts you can get from any master Frisor:

However, you don’t have to know the name of all the hairstyles and their details. The master will take care of that, and you just give him your wishes.

Easy Appointment and Great Service

The quality of haircuts is not the only factor to consider when choosing a barbershop. Much depends on the quality of service and the ease of service. To increase convenience and loyalty Frisor team developed a mobile application through which you can sign up for a haircut in the nearest salon of the network at a convenient time, to a particular master. It’s also convenient to make an appointment over the phone or through the website, online. Believe me, it will take you just a few seconds.

The work of administrators is well organized. The girls will help you to choose the time and date, and directly during the visit they will offer drinks or other ways to brighten up the salon premises.

If you want to feel the special culture of the men’s salon Frisor, don’t forget to sign up!

Features of Men's Haircuts at Frisor

What is unique about Frisor? In the approach to the process of haircuts for guys and men. You can rest assured that the craftsmen use only premium professional tools during their work. There is a similar approach to the choice of care products. That's why the best men's cosmetics are used during shaving, hair camouflaging, and styling. Believe me, after it many salon guests reveal a desire to buy such products for daily care at Frisor Shop to always be at their best.Thousands of guests choose Frisor salons for haircuts every month for a variety of reasons:
  • Friendly service that allows you to sign up for a haircut in a couple of clicks;
  • A pleasant time in the salon lounges with free refreshments;
  • The professionalism of the masters, who have been through fire and water in training and already during their many years of practice;
  • Status guests who trust the masters of Frisor their external image;
  • The ability to make any hairstyle (barbers perform long and short haircuts, cut bald and embody any wishes).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the prices for men's haircuts at Frisor Barber Shop?

Frisor salon chain has loyal prices. The cost of a standard haircut for men starts from 300 UAH. But the cost of a haircut with short hair under the machine starts from 200 UAH.

What men's haircuts can be made at Frisor barbershop?

Professional barbers of Frisor network will help you to choose the right hairstyle if necessary. Because masters also take into account such details as the proportions of the head, the volume and type of hair, the shape of the face, and much more. Any hairstyle can be performed.

What is included in the cost of a men's haircut?

The cost of a men's haircut includes the direct work of the master, refreshments, as well as grooming and styling products that the master uses in the process of work.
  • Brand leader

    Brand leader

  • More than 600 happy clients daily

    More than 600 happy clients daily

  • We support male traditions

    We support male traditions

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