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Mustache Haircut

Price від 100грн

A man's mustache cannot be neglected. If you have it you need permanent care as well as your beard or haircut. The professional masters of the barbershop chain Frisor will help to keep an impeccable appearance, and also advise what means are better to use in daily care. Just make an appointment with a master in the salon of your town!

Haircuts beards and mustaches in the salons of Frisor do not take much time. You can see it for yourself. In just 20-30 minutes barbers will neatly cut facial hair, make a symmetrical trim, choose the best shape and style.

How a Mustache is Cut in a Frisor Barbershop

As surprising as it may sound, there are different mustache hairstyles:

These are the most common styles of mustache and beard cuts. Often, however, masters simply trim the existing shape, trim the length, smooth, shave and treat the hair with cosmetic men’s products. After all, only a well-groomed mustache and beard look presentable, masculine, and status.

Trust the Professional Barbers Frisor for Moustache and Beard Trimming

Before mustache cutting craftsmen of Frisor salons take into account not only your wishes, but also estimate the parameters of your face: shape, symmetry, volume, and hair structure. This allows you to get a perfect result that will not stand out but will only emphasize your status.

Also when working with a mustache and a beard barbers take into account the direction of hair growth, density, color, and other parameters. Please note that if necessary you can order the service of camouflaging to give your mustache and beard a darker shade of hair with a covering of gray hair (if it is present).

Pay attention to the accuracy of the work, the symmetry of the trim, and the well-matched shape in any type of mustache and beard hair. All of this is possible not only through professionalism but also through a special haircut culture.

Did you know that Frisor has a special atmosphere? That includes an interior that is handcrafted from thousands of details, patented lighting, and premium tools for the job. The craftsmen also take special care to customize oils and other mustache and beard care products. Want to see what a skilled craftsman's finished work will look like? On this page, you can watch photos and videos of mustache haircuts which were performed by barbers in Frisor salons all over Ukraine and abroad (because barbershops of this network are opened in Europe as well).See for yourself all the advantages of mustache trimming in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine where Frisor salons operate. Choose your city and make an appointment with the master and get real esthetic satisfaction from the result.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often should you cut your mustache?

It is better to correct the mustache once every 1-2 weeks, depending on the intensity of growth.

Why not trim your mustache yourself?

It is very difficult to deduce ideal symmetry on your own. In addition, the craftsmen use a professional tool and know exactly how to achieve the desired shape.

How much does a mustache cut at Frisor barbershops cost?

The cost of a mustache trimming starts at 100 UAH in the Frisor chain of salons. Additionally, beard correction and camouflage may be paid.
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