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Straight Razor Shave

Price from 300 UAH

Royal shave at Frisor is a ritual which allows you to have a perfectly smooth skin on your face without irritation for a long time. The Razor shaving technique allows you to enjoy the process from start to finish, as the master applies the technique of steaming the skin before shaving. It is relaxing and allows you to forget about everything around you for a moment. You can always enjoy this moment with a friendly chat with the master as the Frisor network of barbershops is always interesting and comfortable.

What is a Royal Shave?

The first blade shaving tools were invented by William Truefitt, who later founded TRUEFITT & HILL back in 1805. Since then, the fashion for this method of shaving has spread around the world and has confidently reached our days.

But this does not mean that everyone can repeat this procedure at home even if they have good tools. Masters undergo lengthy training and preparation, learning the theory and practice of the royal shaving process.

Before shaving with a dangerous razor, the skin is steamed with hot, wet towels. Only after that can you shave the skin on your face with careful movements, holding the razor with blades at a certain angle. For better quality, use a special soap for shaving with a dangerous razor or other professional products.

The final result is surprising every time. Masters Frisor manages to always achieve the desired result: perfectly smooth skin on the face, no irritation and unpleasant sensations. It turns out that shaving can have such an effect! The result of a royal shave cannot be compared to the effects of a manual or automatic shaving machine. You should definitely try this service at one of the Frisor salons, regardless of the length of your stubble.

Royal Shave Features at Frisor Barbershops

There are several features of the royal shave service by Frisor salons' barbershops:
  • The use of premium men's cosmetics to prepare for shaving and get rid of skin irritation;
  • Perfectly smooth skin without stubble for a long time;
  • Carefulness and attention to detail and your wishes;
  • Use of traditional dangerous razors of the world's brands.
Despite the name, the whole process of a royal shave cannot be called dangerous or unpleasant. Be sure that you will not feel any discomfort. On the contrary, you will enjoy the process of taking care of your face. During the steaming you can relax and be alone with your thoughts.To learn more about the process, watch videos on how to shave with a dangerous razor. You can find them on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I shave with a dangerous razor very often?

The proper process of shaving with a hazardous razor does not harm your skin but rather cleanses it and makes it smoother.

Can I use a dangerous razor at home?

At home, the use of a dangerous razor is recommended only to experienced craftsmen. In the absence of such skills, it is better to trust a professional, otherwise you can hurt yourself.

How much does a royal shave cost at Frisor Barbershops?

The cost of the service for a close shave in Frisor salons starts from 300 UAH. This price includes the preparation for the shaving process (steaming the skin), the shave itself and the subsequent treatment of the face with a premium lotion.
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