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Trainee’s Haircut

Price from 50 UAH

Every professional barber has ever had an internship. During this period, the novice master gains basic experience and puts into practice all the knowledge gained at the time of training. Only those masters who have fully mastered the theoretical and practical material are allowed for an internship. Therefore, such a barber can fulfill any of your wishes in hairstyle and beard design. It will be just as fast, neat, and clear.

Haircut From A Novice Barber At A Bargain Price

In just a couple of minutes, you can sign up for a haircut from an intern in a barbershop in Kyiv. In the network of Frisor salons, beginner masters work, who gradually acquire the status of an experienced and professional barber. This takes some time, and while they are ready to cut you at a lower cost. This is especially beneficial for those with a limited budget for a haircut and a simpler hairstyle. Even with a lower cost of work, a haircut with an intern does not deprive you of all the benefits of visiting the Frisor barbershop.

Why a trainee’s haircut at the Frisor is a good idea:

Each trainee must work only under the supervision of an experienced mentor. That is, each haircut is checked in the process of its execution by the master. Therefore, even in the status of a trainee, novice barbers know all the basics of giving hair the desired shape. Before starting work, all wishes regarding length, transition, shape, and styling are taken into account. Also, a novice master in his work considers such details as the shape of the head, hair type, and even lifestyle. After all, this is the only way to make the right haircut, which will be convenient to take care of later.

All these details are taught to the trainees at the barber school. Frisor has its professional school, where the best master teachers work. This means that each trainee, if desired, in just a couple of months of work becomes a real barber, with the ability to realize any wishes of the guests.

What Haircuts Do Trainees Do At The Frisor Barbershop

At any time you can sign up for a haircut with an intern in Kyiv, regardless of your hair type. Beginners can do almost any haircut, including:
  • Boxing and semi-boxing;
  • Canadian;
  • Top notes;
  • Grunge;
  • Undercut;
  • Fade and many others.
Trainees work with real clients only after they have honed all theoretical skills from the barber school. The first clients of novice craftsmen are their acquaintances and friends, as well as current barbers of the salon. This means that during the haircut process, there are no longer any difficulties with the implementation of the guest's idea.This is your chance to get a haircut in the best barbershop in Ukraine at a bargain price!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does a trainee's haircut differ from an ordinary master's haircut?

There is practically no difference in the quality and details of the haircut. Trainees are only those graduates of the school of barbers who have already completed a practical course on numerous haircuts of models. This means that trainees can implement any guest's idea in a quality manner.

Why does an intern's haircut cost less?

With the same cost of work, many guests would not want to have their hair cut by a novice master. Therefore, the cost is especially reduced, so that everyone can try the service of a haircut in a barbershop, regardless of the type of hairstyle. Trainees are also ideal for simpler haircuts.

Is the quality of the trainee's haircut guaranteed in Frisor?

Sure! The trainee's cutting process is supervised by an experienced barber.
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